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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


Dr. Mona is awesome! I can’t say enough about her patience, sincerity, interaction, thoughtfulness, and results. My almost-4-year-old son had never been to the dentist before. We came in and in a very playful way Dr. Mona was able to educate and inform both of us. She kept both of us calm and curious throughout the visit. We came back for caps that went like clockwork as well. Never any tears, lots of smiles, AND most importantly, she managed to get him to give up his sacred binky! Talk about value-add! We can’t wait to go back.

- I.K., Reston, VA


When my first child went through sudden dental surgery and suffered continued unexpected dental and orthodontic complications we were blessed to fall into the caring and professional hands of Dr. Monajemy and her staff. Dr. Mona, as she became known to us, saw my daughter through 13 years and going of unfailing and all loving care. That is why there is no one that will ever treat my son's teeth except Dr. Mona and her amazing and beloved staff! Thank you Dr. Mona!

-C.N., Leesburg, VA


Dr. Mona has been my son’s dentist since he was 3 years old (My son is turning 16 this year). She is kind, soft spoken and very patient. She listens to my concerns and provides solutions. My son is not afraid of going to the dentist and I contribute that totally to Dr. Mona’s skills to handle young patients. I recommend her services to everyone.

-H.A. Sterling, VA


Dr. Mona is the best dentist we have found for our children. She has a wonderful manner - gentle and kind. She has never advocated for unnecessary work.  She takes the time to explain the situation and ensure that I understand it. She then discusses the options and leaves the final decision to the parent. When Dr. Monajemy repaired my son's tooth, the color matched so closely that everyone almost immediately forgot that he had even had a chip. I will refer all my friends with children to Dr. Mona.
  -Justin G., Reston, VA


I have been taking both of my girls to Dr. Mona's practice for the past several years. Both of my girls have had such positive experiences  and have always looked forward to going to her office. My girls have always been attracted to her kind smile and the warm and friendly environment of her practice. As a mother and a health care professional myself, Dr. Mona's expertise and professionalism have impressed me greatly.

-P.H., Great Falls, VA

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